Rawdroid is dead, Long live Rawdroid!

I am closing development on the current release of Rawdroid.  This is not a decision I take lightly, nor am I proud of the manner in which I'm announcing it.  I would have much preferred to give users a healthy notice that development was coming to a close, but unfortunately the circumstances that led to this decision are outside of my control.  This does not mean the app will disappear, simply that I will not be adding features in the future.

The reason for this are three consecutive changes to the Android file-system in Android 4.4, 5.0, and 6.0.  The changes caused massive uproar in the development community because:

  1. They were unnanounced surprises.
  2. They had no backwards compatibility.  Apps relying on the former file-system immediately broke.

I, as well as any other developer who leveraged the file-system, have spent the last year and a half trying to convert our apps to the changes.  I was very close to patching the app when 6.0 was announced and they changed everything once again.  After the changes in 6.0 I found it would be nearly impossible to maintain compatibility for older versions while still supporting the new systems in 6.0+.  Therefore I will be releasing a new app which will require at least Android 5.0.

If you are using the current version and rooted to fix the write protection, or just have a device that doesn't suffer from the issue, then you'll be fine to continue using the current app, nothing will change.  If you have come across the write protection issues and have found the app suddenly useless you might try the beta for the new app here:


Rawdroid has in fact had quite a run as we're coming up on its five year anniversary.  Thank you for all your contributions as you have helped make Android a productive environment for photographers.

On that topic, Google has finally, finally, finally released a promotion capability in the store (yah it took begging for over 6 years).  As such I would like to reward the beta testers of the new app.  From now until release I will randomly select five beta testers a month from any new and accepted bug report or feature request to recieve the new app for free.

Sometime in March I will update the translations section for the new app.  I will run a similar promotion where anyone who makes a significant contribution to the translations will recieve the app for free.

I hope everyone understands that I would really have preferred to handle this differently.  It's been a trying year attempting to implement the new system and a good portion of that was trying to maintain current compatibility.  Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the mobile world is rapidly changing and five years is a pretty good run.  I hope you'll stick with me for the next stretch.




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Latest Version

4.5 (Beta)

Feature: Support for SD cards in 5.0+
Feature: Support for USB storage in 6.0+
Feature: Support for Android 6 runtime permissions
Fixes: Many bugs related to metadata parsing, storing, and filtering
Fixes: Search and folder exclusion for Android 5.0+
Patch: Multiple storage bugs in Android framework...Thanks Google...

3.9.6 (Beta)

Feature: Filter by folder
Feature: Exclude by folder
Feature: New crash analysis tool (requires Internet Permission)
Enhancement: All write actions should now be 5.0 compatible (Beta)

Fix: Memory leak on large image sets


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Casio       .bay
Hasselblad .3fr
Fuji .raf
Kodak .dcr, ...
Leica .rw1
Mamiya .mef
Minolta .mrw
Nikon .nef, ...
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