After moving halfway around the world and a series of additional hurdles I've been making progress on RawDroid again.  

I have support for half-res Android L raw images working.  They require full decodes, so I'm limiting to half-res to see how many memory related crash reports I get back.  The good news is that the half-res are actually fairly responsive, good enough to process a screen worth of thumbs in a few seconds.  Since a majority of the cpu crunching is still being done in half-res, timeframes are starting to look good for releasing full decodes after some testing for memory constraints.  The way this was implemented will allow for any raw images without embedded thumbnails to be processed now, so the real test will be on older devices with these types of format.

I'm currently working on getting the new 5.0 filesystem permissions in place.  It's requirinig a bit more effort than it should have since I never anticipated the file system changing and some aspects are taken for granted.

The metadata overhaul(filtering, search, etc.) is unfortunately on the backburner, but close to complete.  After a build addressiing the 5.0 changes the metadata upgrade should follow shortly.

Auto-orientation, err...complete rewrite

Auto-orientation turned into a beast.  I had to really overhaul the gesture system to handle it and once I decided to make major changes to the infrastructue I decided to bring in a few upgrades I branched but never got fully functional.  By the end the whole thing snowballed into a practically brand new image model.  I think the overall system is much more responsive and much faster on top of it.  But I'm reluctant to release such a drastic change that is very vulnerable to device specs which I can never fully test for.  Instead I'm going to create a temporary "RawDroid Beta" app.  You'll be free to check out the new system and give me tons of feedback.

Beta released! Go here for details:

RawDroid Beta Testers Community

RawDroid Pro

I've released RawDroid Pro on the market:

RawDroid Pro

This is simply a license that will unlock features in the future.  Currently I haven't locked anything, so there's no need for the pro license.  But if you want to show support now and at a discounted price, please head over there to lock in that price.

I'll be on vacation in Japan for the next week, when I return I plan to implement histograms and auto-orientation by the end of the month.

Upcoming Features

This is current list of new features in the order I currently plan to implement them along with estimates:

Feature Estimate/Completion
1 Camera Tether 6 APR 2013
2 Auto-Orientation 30 May 2013
3 Histogram 27 APR 2013
4 Low Hanging Fruit 02 May 2013
5 Full decode October 2013
6 Basic Editing November 2013
7 Network December 2013
8 Slide Show January 2014
9 Advance Editing February 2014

Feel free to post feature requests on the forum.


  1. Import only.  See FAQ.

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Latest Version (Beta)

Enhancement: Better image intent handling
Enhancement: Rawdroid will now automatically import .txt keywords from external apps
Enhancement: Viewer cleanup related to db
Enhancement: Support jpeg again
Enhancement: Segregate jpeg and raw images
Feature: Swipe to refresh

3.9.0 (Beta)

Feature: New database framework
Feature: Filter gallery by xmp
Feature: Sort by name or date
Feature: Search device for images
Feature: Gallery can display label/rating

Version 2.9.2

Fix: Jpeg 'path not found' issue


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Casio       .bay
Hasselblad .3fr
Fuji .raf
Kodak .dcr, ...
Leica .rw1
Mamiya .mef
Minolta .mrw
Nikon .nef, ...
Olympus .orf
Panasonic .raw
Pentax .pef
PhaseOne .iiq
Samsung .srw
Sigma     .x3f
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